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Luxembourg Brotherhood of America
Section 15
Established 1905
Niles Center - Skokie, Illinois

Skokie, Illinois, formerly known as Niles Center, is located approximately 12 miles north and a little west of the Chicago loop. It is directly east of Evanston, just north of Rogers Park and Lincolnwood, immediately east of Morton Grove and just south of Grosse Point now known as Wilmette. It was in this area, marked by oak savannah, that the Luxembourg immigrant found his home and established the way of life common to all of the immigrants who found homes in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Among the population of Niles Center, in 1905, were found the following: Michael S. Conrad , Peter Dahm, Anton Doetsch, Gustave Frisch, William Hensel, Michael Hermes, Nick Hermes, Henry Hermes, Joseph Hohs, Peter A. Hohs, Frank Hoveley, John Kalmes, Anton Krier, Sr., Michael Leider, August Luettig, Peter Puetz, Joe Puetz, Nicolas Schaefer, John P. Schaul, John Wagner, J.P. Wagner. On July 2,1905, these men were admitted to the Luxembourg Brotherhood of America and were received into the Grand Lodge as Section 15. Grand President Matthew Huss and Grand Secretary Nick Nilles installed the following as the first officers of Section 15:

President: Joseph Hohs
Vice-President: Michael Leider
Recording Secretary: John Kalmes
Financial Secretary: Peter Hohs
Treasurer: John P. Schaul
Trustee: Anton Krier, Sr.
Trustee: Michael Hermes
Trustee: Frank Hoveley
Marshall: Peter Puetz

Of the twenty-one charter members, eleven listed their birthplaces as Luxembourg (Eschdorf, Arlons, Heispelt, Roullingen, Medingen, Hersdorf and Welscheid) and three listed Niles Center (Michael S. Conrad, John Kalmes and Peter B. Dahm). Of the occupations listed for each of the charter members, eighteen identified themselves as gardeners, two were saloonkeepers (Michael S. Conrad and Joseph Hohs) and one identified himself as a laborer (Nicholas Schaefer).

The predominant listing as gardner among these first 21 members is a clear indication of the type of rural agrarian society which ruled the area at the turn of the century. It further shows the nature of the society from which these men emigrated. An examination of the occupational listings of the 313 members of this Section, prior to 1987, reveals that sixty-eight listed their occupation as either gardener, farmer or nursery worker. The next highest occupational listing, with 24, was salesman.

In 1987, the LBA celebrated its Centennial with a gala dinner dance at the Hilton Hotel in Skokie in the presence of Crown Prince Henri of Luxembourg and the Crown Princess, Maria Teresa, who now, of course, are the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg. It was during this Centennial Celebration that many of those in attendance realized that growing the Section was an important and worthwhile endeavor.

Since then, the Section has grown its numbers and its influence in the affairs of the LBA. In 1990, Section 15 re-instituted its Sauerbraten dinner which has been held each year since. It has grown its membership from a handful in 1987 to over 30 as of this writing. Today, it is one of the leading sections in the Luxembourg Brotherhood. Led by President David Leider with yeoman like contributions from David Hook, the Section has supported the Schobermesse Picnic, National Holiday and the Luxembourg American Cultural Society. Five of its members serve on the Cultural Society’s Board of Directors and a sixth member is the Executive Director of the Cultural Society. From its ranks, the following have been selected by the Luxembourg government to be its diplomatic representative in the midwest: Joseph J. Witry Sr, Richard J. Witry, Donald J. Hansen and Ethan A. Hastert. The Section continues to meet quarterly. The officers of Section 15 for 2010 are as follows:

David Leider, President Arthur Schmitt, Vice-President David Hook, Treasurer

Richard J. Witry, Rec. Secty Victor Colling, Sgt at Arms Jon Heinz, Fin. Secretary

Steve Heinz, Grand Lodge Representative

A list of all of Section 15's members, since its inception in 1905, follows:


Abbink, Anthony

Abbink, John

Ahrens, Charles

Aleckson, Elmer A.

Allen, Paul, D.D.S.

Angst, Thomas



Barg, Jacob A.

Barnig, Adam

Bauman, Ambrose M.

Bauman, Math Jr.

Baumann, Fred C.

Baumhardt, Irving

Baumhardt, Roy

Becker, Frank Jr.*

Biegert, Helmut A.

Biegert, Theobold

Biegert, William J., Sr.*

Biegert, William J., Jr.*

Blameuser, George E.

Blameuser, George P.

Blameuser, Peter, III

Bober, John

Boemmel, Frank

Bolin, Frank W.

Branagan, William I.

Braun, Arthur J., Jr.

Breden, Edward P.

Breden, J.P.

Biessmann, John

Boscamp, Charles

Brod, Ambrose

Buck, Jonathan

Buhrke, Eugene E.

Busscher, George, Jr.

Busscher, John C.



Chapman, Percy

Chitty, Frank

Clemens, Rev. John

Clemens, William, Jr.

Colling, Victor M.

Conrad, John J.

Conrad, John F.

Conrad, Michael S.

Conrad, Michael L.

Conrad, Peter

Conrad, Theodore E., Sr.*

Conrad, Theodore E., Jr.*

Cote, Albert J.

Cummings, Michael



Dahm, Claren J.

Dahm, Peter B.

Dahm, William R.

DePaw, Robert W.

Dechambre, Eugene V.

Dechambre, Joseph P. Jr.

Dechambre, Math*

Dechambre, Peter*

Dechambre, Victor

Dechambre, William M.

Deckert, Otto G.

Demuth, Michael

Diederick, George

Dockendorff, Joseph A., Sr.*

Dockendorff, Joseph A., Jr.*

Doetsch, Anton

Doetsch, Phillipp

Drumel, Edward M.

Drumel, Michel



Edinger, Ralf

Endre, Peter

Engstler, John



Flanigan, William C.

Foegen, John

Foegen, Math

Fox, Adolf

Frank, Paul V.

Fremgen, Charles

Freres, Joseph M.*

Freres, Peter

Frisch, Gustav

Fuerst, Michel E.



Geist, Fred F.

Giannini, Armando J.

Giera, Edward W.

Goedert, William

Gould, Christopher

Gould, Linda Hansen

Greiner, Andrew Peter                               



Haben, John W.

Haben, Mary Ann

Haben, Ray W.

Hachenburg, Ben

Hachmeister, Fred

Hacker, Walter

Haering, Michael

Hames, Barbara

Hames, Fred

Hammersmith, James

Hansen, Aloysius George

Hansen, Cari

Hansen, Donald J.*

Hansen, Gerda

Hansen, Hubert John*

Hansen, Hubert G.

Hansen, Louis G.

Hansen, Robert

Harms, Edward H.

Harms, Percy

Harrer, Harold

Harrer, Irving A.

Harris, F. Bruce

Hastert, Ethan A.

Haupt, Joseph

Hein, John

Heinen, Matthias

Heinz, Edward A.

Heinz, Fred G.

Heinz, Harry

Heinz, Jon*

Heinz, Nicole

Heinz, Pamela Dahm

Heinz, Peter

Heinz, Richard

Heinz, Steven*

Heinz, Ted J.

Heisler, Martin

Hensel, William

Henrici, Nick

Heppner, Charles A.

Heppner, Alfred



Herff, Nick

Hermes, Henry

Hermes, J. Michael

Hermes, Joseph

Hermes, Michael*

Hermes, Nickolas

Hermes, Paul*

Hettinger, Michael

Hinze, Herman

Hoffman, Robert

Hohs, Adam

Hohs, Charles

Hohs, Joseph

Hohs, Jacob*

Hohs, Peter A.*

Hohs, Peter J.

Hohs, William

Hohs, William P.

Hollis, Richard

Hook, David*

Hoveley, Frank

Huels, Marvin P.

Huels, Peter

Hurst, Guy J.

Huscher, Edward   




Immil, Joseph P.



Jaeger, John P.

Jaehuka, Fred H.*

Jarmuth, Norman

Jenetten, Niclas

Jiehlke, Ed R.

Jung, Rev. John J.



Kalisiak, Harry H.

Kalmes, John*

Kalmes, Jacob J.

Kalmes, Nicholas J.

Kalmes, Peter A.

Kalmes, Ronald

Kalmes, Steve

Kante, Otto Eugene

Kaup, Harry N.

Kaup, Marjorie

Kellen, Kenneth

Kestenholz, Jacob

Kestenholz, Fred

King, Armond

Klehm, Harold

Klein, Dominick J.

Klein, Michael

Kneip, Joseph P.

Knutson, Herbert R.

Koch, Alvin H.

Koller, John A.

Koller, John

Kranteras, Charles W.

Krause, Ernest

Krier, Anton Sr.*

Krier, Anton Jr.

Krier, Dennis

Krier, LeRoy P.

Krier, Martin A. “Scotty” Sr.*

Krier, Martin A. Jr.

Krier, Peter

Krier, Thomas

Krier, Raymond V

Krier, Scott.

Krier, Val*

Kruse, Fred J.C.

Kutz, Edward R.



Lange, Claude Eugene

Lannafeld, James H.

Lanners, John

Lanners, Joseph

Lanners, Peter

Lanners, Peter A.

Lanners, Joseph N.

Larosch, Nick

Lazar, Leonard

Leider, Daniel*

Leider, David*

Leider, Martin

Leider, Steven

Leider, Michael*

Lockard, Richard J.

Loutsch, Arthur J.

Luettig, August

Lulias, Curt F.

Lutz, Robert R.

Lykes, Edmund U.

Lyman, Josep

Lyon, William K.



Masterton, James Jr.

Matchen, George

Matchen, John

May, Nick Sr.*

Mayer, Sydney R.

McMullen, Thomas J.

McNeely, Patrick

McNett, Donald J.

Mehring, Lucien*

Meier, Clement F.

Meier, J. Joseph

Meier, Luke J.

Mersch, Martin

Meyer, William A*

Michelau, Debbie.

Miethke, August

Miethke, William

Miller, Ray

Mills, John D., Jr.

Milz, Gustav

Minx, Paul

Modaff, Henry

Molitor, Laurence F Sr.

Molitor, Laurence F Jr.*

Mooney, John E.

Moore, Roy B.

Moore, Roland R.

Morette, Frank

Morf, A.W.

Mueller, Martin

Mueller, Herbert

Murphy, John E.



Nachbauer, Louis

Nelleson, Peter

Neuman, Kevin

Nickels, Peter Jr.

Noesen, Mathias


O'Connell, Thomas J.

O'Connell, John L.

Oehler, Arthur

Origer, John*

Origer, Nick

Origer, Roger



Papinean, George

Paroubek, Anthony

Paroubek, Ivan M.

Perrad, Felix

Peterson, Milton E.

Pettinger, Lenore

Pettinger, Thomas

Plath, William

Platz, Paul

Polony, John

Proesel, Andrew J

Prikos, Mark.

Puetz, Joseph

Puetz, John J.

Puetz, Michael

Puetz, Peter



Rechterman, Louis

Recker, Roland E.

Ridley, Clarence

Risch, John

Risch, Math

Risch, Michael

Roemer, Jacob

Ruedranz, Ralph H.



Sandberg, Olaf E.

Schaefer, Nicholas

Schaul, Ben*

Schaul, John P.*

Schaul, Michael

Schedelbauer, Max

Scheidecker, William

Scheidreiter, Heinz

Schildgen, Joseph J

Schmit, Arthur.*

Schmitt, Markins

Schmitt, Anthony

Schoening, Fred

Schultz, Charles

Schyllar, Edward B.

Seul, Anton "Tony"

Seul, Francis "Pat" *

Seul, Irwin "Mups"

Seul, Rudolph "Buddy"

Sintzel, Rudolph V., M.D.

Sullivan, Harry A.



Tax, Edward Joseph

Thilges, Henry

Thomas, William

Thompson, Stanley G.*

Thomson, Clyde G.

Tobey, James B.

Tolzien, Edward J.

Trausch, Edward

Tripp, Monique

Truitt, Artimuo

Tucker, Russell



Urbanus, Joseph F.

Valenti, Michael

Varallo, James

Virag, Adam

Virag, Peter

Vogt, Henry

Vogt, Henry G.



Wagand Fred L.

Wagner, John N.

Wagner, J.P.

Wagner, William L.

Warkenthien, R.

Warner, George

Warner, Russell

Weber, Albert B.

Weber, Anthony

Weber, Dominick M.

Weber, Henry N.*

Weber, John

Weber, John R.

Weber, John S.

Weber, Joseph*

Weber, Lawrence

Weber, Nicholas

Weber, Michael

Weber, Peter

Weber, Stephen L.

Wehlage, John

Wehr, Henry M.

Weiler, Ann Marie

Wester, Kevin

Wieskewski, Joseph

Wischoffer, Christ

Witry, Daniel J.

Witry, Joseph J., Sr.*

Witry, Joseph J., Jr.

Witry, Richard J.*

Wuerth, John W.




Zibiliski, Stephen F.

Zimmer, Joseph

Zimpfer, William

Zwimpfer, William


* Served as an officer of the Section.



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